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Motivation, Innovation

From humble beginnings manufacturing in the UK, Tamlite opened its first North American presence in 1996 creating production facilities in Florida USA.
In 2006 we established our Canada office to better service the unique needs of the customers and market here, as well as provide inventory to increase speed to our clients and distributors.

Our goal is providing your team with a responsive and adaptive business partner, whom you can rely on to develop tailored solutions for a diverse range of lighting requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next project!

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Who We Work With

Our clients span a broad range from contractors, developers and engineering firms, designers and architects, through to municipalities, facility managers and corporate clients.

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Meet Our Team

Monique Nadurak

Darrin Woodcock, LC, CEM, MIES

Tamlite Projects

Darrin has a passion for lighting and energy management that borders on an obsession. Mid-night site visits, crawling through ceiling plenum, and navigating production facilities are all in a day’s work for this man (honestly, we’re not sure when he sleeps), and he will stop at nothing to ensure that your needs are met. Most often found with a screwdriver in his hand setting up a site demonstration, Darrin works tirelessly with our clients to understand and provide solutions to meet their needs.

Chris Eckertt

Western Canada Business Development

Chris’s drive to make a project come to reality is borne from his passion to deliver a truly great experience, when he's not working you'll find him hitting the slopes or cycling down a mountain trail enjoying nature at it's finest!
Chris has worked in the lighting industry for many years and has an extensive knowledge of both product and projects.
You instantly know you’re in capable hands when clients start their discussions with him.
His ability to listen and really get a deep understanding of what clients truly want, be it fast return on investment, or improvements to the working environment make him stand out.

Manoj Mishra, B.Eng, MBA, PMP®, MIES EP

Projects Department

Manoj is a Project Management Professional (PMP) with an Electrical Engineering background and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business. For over 2 decades he worked extensively in the Power sector on Transformers, Insulators, Steel and several large Infrastructure projects.
He has also worked closely with Government organizations and Standards committees with an emphasis on energy efficiency.
His latest passion now lies firmly within the Lighting industry, with the countless possibilities in proposals he's able to offer for complete lighting solutions to our clients based on their application, budget and vision.
Manoj works on Lighting Projects across various business sectors in Canada, working with engineers, architects, specifiers, designers and contractors, he's able to process each's needs with speed and accuracy. He loves getting stuck in and preparing technical specification documents whether for proposals or alternate packages.

Keelan White, LC, MIES, B.Eng.Mgt.


Keelan heads up the team here at Tamlite Canada.
The brains of the operation, he dedicates as much time into making our products the absolute best in class, as he does learning up to date advances in lighting and how he can apply that to improve our existing ranges and bring even further value to our clients.
Keelan's technical knowledge and material property understanding, give him an unparalleled level of expertise in luminaires, design and function.
A true engineer, you can sometimes swear you hear the gears inside his head turn, or the perhaps maybe a faint beep of binary code in the distance…
Beneath it all though beats a true creative heart, who loves nothing more in his downtime than to grab a canoe, his awesome dog and his camera, and head off into the wilderness, taking in the beauty of the great Canadian outdoors!

Setareh Shalaei, LC, MIES EP

Lighting Designer

Setareh is the painter bringing your concepts to life! Creating lighting layouts, 3D renders, and providing technical support to meet and exceed objectives and standards.
She eats, sleeps and breathes CAD calculations, and raytracing software.
Setareh works closely with each of our clients to ensure if they are applying for rebate incentives they are maximizing their return on investment.

James Redman

South Western Ontario Business Development

James has a unique ability to see the job from both an installers and end users perspective. With his roots established firmly from his electrical contracting/project management background, he applies his knowledge in understanding in assessing the scope of a job.
Laying out how best it will impact the clients bottom line return on investment, as well as providing the best value proposition from an installers viewpoint.
You’ll rarely see him without his safety glasses on; he’s a ‘get it done right’ kind of guy!

James Pellegrino

Golden Horseshoe Business Development

James is customer satisfaction focused to the nth degree. From a background originally in retail management he has developed a knack of figuring out solutions to complex problems with multiple moving parts and somehow keeping them all in balance.
A talented musician at heart and a real genuine character who just enjoys learning new things. You can always rely on him to be willing to go that extra mile in order to meet a client’s needs, to get the job done.

Monique Nadurak

Monique Nadurak

Mid-Western Canada Business Development

Monique brings a wealth of experience to the Mid-West, Alberta and Prairies area. From her background working directly within an electrical contractors shop, to joining the electrical wholesaler market as purchaser, quotations and in the projects departments, there’s not much in the electrical industry she cannot tackle.
Her drive to get the best ensure she gets the best outcome for our clients is her biggest strength. Whether that is providing a value engineered proposal to help her clients meet their budgets, to liaising with our design team to ensure a layout best suits the users usage requirements on a design build, she listens to their needs, tailors our services to best suit them and then advocates to ensure the client gets exactly what they want.

Customer Centered

Since 1967, commitment to quality has been the foundation of everything we do at Tamlite Lighting—from product development and manufacturing, to design services and customer relations.
This drive is our motivation to constantly innovate and provide best in class products and customer centric solutions.

Commitment to Quality Lighting

The foundation of quality lighting solutions is our manufacturing operations and the QC teams employed throughout the combination of our production facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

In order to maintain consistency across such a diverse manufacturing base, our dedicated QC personnel employ stringent quality check protocols at each stage of production and again after completion, to ensure products exceed compliance with international test standards, such as UL, CSA, , ETL, Energy Star, DLC and many more.

Using our luminaires as the building blocks, we are able to create high quality lighting solutions from corporate and retail client solutions, governmental projects, municipal, industrial and institutional design builds, through to lighting retrofits and residential solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.