Bring Life to Your Space

and create an ambience that is uniquely yours

Residential lighting has the ability to bring life to a space and create an ambience that is uniquely yours whether its a cozy kitchen, modern media room, or a covered porch with sweeping views. Don't see something that fits your ideas? Give us a call and we would be happy to assist you with a 3D modelling of your space to help bring your ideas to life.

Professional Lighting Services


The sheer number of lighting products and their myriad capabilities can be overwhelming when working on your unique project. Our local support teams are here to help you realize your vision and create a bespoke lighting solution which meets your every need.

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Energy Audits

Reducing your energy use not only helps with environmental initiatives, but is also beneficial to your bottom line. There are many programs nationwide geared directly towards incentivizing retiring older less efficient lighting technologies and replacing them with modern technologies, which can cut your lighting energy use by as much as 90%. Our team has years of experience in working with clients to identify areas of energy savings, recommending appropriate replacement strategies, and facilitating rebate paperwork.

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Lighting Design

Take the guesswork out of your envisioned solution by taking advantage of our lighting simulations. We provide comprehensive reports detailing illuminance, uniformity and a host of other metrics, as well as rendered 3D representations of the interior or exterior space so that you can get a feel for how it will look once complete. This process will save valuable time and costs during the construction phase of a project by ensuring that any tweaks in the lighting system are done at the conceptual stage.

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